How to make APNG from SVG for LINE animated Stickers?

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This article shows how to make APNG from SVG for LINE animated Stickers with a free 2D vector animation editor '9VAe'.

Creation Guidelines - LINE animated Stickers shows that you need to prepare 24 APNGs for Animated Sticker Images.



  * Resolution File Format
Main Image 1 W240×H240 .png
Animated StickerImages 24 Up to 320 x 270(*1) .png
Chat Thumbnail Icon 1 96 x 74 .png


(*1) It is also possible to create an image that is laterally long (ex: 270 x 100) or vertically long (ex: 100 x 270) as long as the longer side of the image is at least 270 pixels.  

Animated Sticker Images

  Animated Sticker Images
Playback time    Up to 4 seconds
Frame limits Between 5 and 20 frames(*2)
Color space RGB
Backgrounds for graphics Must be transparent
Maximum file size 300 KB for each image. ZIP file is less than 20 MB.
  • (*2)The first image of the APNG will be displayed as a static image on LINE STORE and the LINE Sticker Shop.
  • Use Firefox to test out your APNG files.
    Until now you had to combine PNG images with an APNG creation tool such as APNG Assembler. Now you can generate APNG directly from animation by using 9VAe.

Let's make APNG !

9vae ani01

In this article the barrelFish animation is used as an example which is created from Openclipart's SVG illustration. (SeeMake animation from Openclipart's SVG with Raspberry Pi )

If you want to try to make APNG, Click [help] on the 9VAe's menu > Click 'Play with face(Training)' > Click 'Transform'. Now you can get a sample animation.

The picture as follows shows the editor screen of 9VAe.

Openclipart's SVG illustration

1.Move animation to upper left.

9vae line image01

You have to get rid of mergin space around animation.

  1. Click on the number of the first page.(A) > Click 'Select from This Page'.
  2. Click on the number of the last page.(B) > Click 'Select to This Page'.
  3. Now all the animation data is selected. The red sqare marks are shown on the selected pages. The double line selection frame will appear.
  4. Drag the double line selection frame (C) toward upper left.
  5. You can adjust the position by hitting Shift key and Up, down, left and right keys.

2.Change the page size

9vae line image02

  1. Click [Page] on the menu bar > Click 'Page Size...'
  2. Enter smaller number of width and height in order to get rid of mergin space on the right and bottom side.

3.Export APNG

  • As the animation is laterally long , the Exporting APNG's width is 320.
  • As the Frame limits to 20 frames, Exporting Time length is 2 seconds and 10 Frames/sec.

  1. Click [File] on the menu bar > Click 'Sequential images/APNG export'
  2. Enter the name of APNG file. Click [Save].

Now the APNG setting panel will appear as follows.

  1. Enter 320 to the width of Picture Size.(A) The height will be set automatically if you check [Keep Ratio].
  2. Enter 10 to Frame/sec
  3. Enter 2 sec to the Time Length.
  4. You must check [Transparent Background]
  5. Click on the [Start] button.
  6. The question "Do you want to combine PNGs to an APNG file" will appear. Click [Yes]. The APNG file will be exported.
  7. If you click [No], the sequential 20 PNG images will be exported.

Final words

This article shows 9VAe can make APNG animation and LINE animated Stickers.